Earth Quake Relief

A devastating earthquake of 7.8 magnitudes shook the cities of Turkey & Syria on February 6th, 2023. More than 15,000 people lost their lives, and families are fighting to survive the cold weather. Thousands of people are still buried under heaps of rubble, and those who survived are lined up for food, warm clothes, blankets, sanitary needs, and medical aid.

We must come together to help those affected by the earthquake. In the wake of the disaster, we have lined up a team in KAHRAMANMARAS village who will distribute food, warm clothes, blankets, and medical aid to the survivors. All the donation amounts will go towards the relief efforts for the survivors, and there is no admin cost. The road to recovery for the communities affected by the earthquake will be long and difficult. But with your support, we can make a difference and relieve those who need it the most.

Let’s show the world that humanity and compassion are still alive.

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