Our Causes

$9,000 of $25,000 raised

Iftar meals and food baskets for the remote communities

$5,965 of $30,000 raised

Reconstruction Of A Prayer Place In Hawaii

$38,158 of $50,000 raised

Providing Food Baskets, Warm Clothes & Medical Aid to Earthquake Survivors

$0 of $100,000 raised

Water pumps for refugee camp victims in Uganda.

$1,300 of $1,500 raised

Grocery & Food voucher distribution to needy students and their families.

$5,300 of $5,000 raised

Providing clean water with your help!

$48,215 of $100,000 raised

Feeding orphaned and needy children with your support!

$20,300 of $100,000 raised

Educating 3000 Muslim refugees with your support!

$16,500 of $100,000 raised

Eradicating Period Poverty with your help!