Causes You Can Donate To

Here is a  list of ongoing causes that we are working on currently.  This holiday season, offer a helping hand to those in need by contributing to our projects for underprivileged communities. 

  1. Recycled Warmth- Season 3

WInters can be crucial for those who cannot afford to keep themselves warm due to unavailability of resources. With the Recycled Warmth- Season 3 project, we want to accomplish a few goals:

  • Promote recycling in an area where recycling is not a common practice
  • Provide free blankets across rural and underserved communities
  • Create 100+ jobs for males and females 

The Winter comforter and blanket production and distribution project ran in Bangladesh in 2020 and 2021. Sponsoring a blanket was the price of a U.S. coffee at $3.33 a blanket! We collected unused clothes from the blanket factories to make new comforters. In Recycled Warmth- seasons 1 and 2, We manufactured comforters, distributed them to families, and employed daily workers who lost their jobs due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The purpose of manufacturing comforters instead of buying ready-made ones was to significantly reduce cost compared to the market price of comforters, provide employment to locals, and promote recycling.

  1. Water pumps for refugee camp victims in Uganda

Uganda is a country in East Africa with a population of around 46 million, of which 1.1 million are refugees from neighboring countries. The majority of the refugees are women and children, many of whom flee across the border alone. Sexual assault and violence are all far too common with young girls living in the refugee camps. Our researchers who visited the camps were told that the children and women who have already faced enough trauma constantly live in fear of violence, including rape. 

The water available at the camps is not suitable for consumption and when their women and children go out to fetch water from the nearby wells, the powerful men in the surrounding communities take the young girls away and rape them. The local authorities and other non-profits have taken measures to cater to this by putting strict punishment against the act but the culprits usually get away with it. Those girls are around 15 years of age and they have no access to medical aid once they become pregnant. 

We believe every child deserves access to a safe and healthy environment to grow in. The situation requires support, adequate resources and funds so that effective protection can be delivered to the refugees. Our goal is to install water pumps at the refugee camps so that they do not have to go far away from the camps and be exposed to danger. We need your generosity to continue the fight and help the refugees have access to the basic needs of life. 

  1. Feeding orphaned and needy children with your support!

One of the biggest problems developing countries are facing nowadays is the food shortage. Many people can not afford basic food items due to less income. The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in the hike in the prices of many food items while income has remained the same. This has caused many families around the world to drop below the poverty line. There are many needy and poor children in Mymensingh, Bangladesh who are facing the threat of starvation from this issue. Malnutrition in children has been increasing daily. After recognizing the locals’ need for food, we have initiated a fundraising program in order to support these children. Our mission is to provide impoverished and needy children with three meals a day for free, so that they can get through this hard time. Our goal is to raise 1 million dollars and with your support we can bring food and smiles to those who really need us!

  1. Educating refugees with your support!

Education is a significant part that provides us with ways to make our lives better and easier. We are moving towards the day and age where it is very difficult to survive without having a proper education. Many developing countries are facing the issue of not having effective education systems. This is the case in Kyangwali, Uganda where 3000 Muslim refugees are unable to pursue their education. After recognizing this issue and the educational conditions of these children, we have started the initiative to raise 100,000  USD for them. Our mission is to provide those children with all the necessary education facilities for free such as:

  • School Furniture
  • Transportation facilities + accessibility
  • Employee Salaries
  • Lunch Support

With your support, we can provide free education to those deserving children and bring smiles to their faces..

  1. Help build a worship place in Philippines

Join and support Imam Sultan Diuda; he is building a masjid and madrasa in the suburb of Davao city, Mindanao, Philippines. This is one of many suburbs that were hit by tornadoes and hurricanes. In addition, seven villages and neighboring suburbs need your support to build and renovate masjids, madrasas, and orphanage centers. With your continuous support, we can help twenty-plus masjids, madrasas, and orphan centers to rebuild and thrive!

We are aiming to accomplish a few goals:

  • Construct or update all exterior walls and roofing
  • Fix interior walls, windows and ceilings
  • Install interior flooring and carpet
  • Complete foundation work
  • Construct sidewalks and bathroom facilities
  • New construction of masjids, madrasas, and orphanage centers    
  1. Help us eradicate Period Poverty

Period Poverty refers to inadequate access to menstrual products, hygiene facilities, and education, affecting roughly one in four women. It is one of the leading causes of death amongst menstruating women in the developing world. The inability to access affordable sanitary products can lead to not only serious health complications but also crippling anxiety recurring every month. The social stigma behind the topic leads many women to miss school and workdays, ultimately affecting their education and professional progress.

ZamZam foundation is happy to announce our most ambitious charity project to date, The Jute plant sanitary pads. In collaboration with MIT award-winning and established scientist Dr. Mubarak Khan, the project aims to mass-produce biodegradable sanitary pads derived from the Jute plant. Mostly native to India and Bangladesh, the Jute plant is a versatile and tensile material with high moisture-absorbing features. Now, after numerous trials, we have been able to successfully construct high quality and biodegradable sanitary pads. 

Currently, we are providing menstrual health awareness and hygiene products on a monthly basis to women living in remote areas in Bangladesh, such as Dakshin Bhabanipur, Bheramara, Kushtia, Tengapara, Ishwarganj & Mymensingh. Considering the severity of this issue, we have taken the initiative to raise funds for women suffering globally. Our mission is to provide them with free biodegradable sanitary pads made from the jute plant. With your support, we can help make this world better for women. 

With your support, the funds raised for this project will cover the items below:

– Setting up a factory (including equipment)

– Establishing a dedicated lab for continuous product development

– Production cost of sanitary pads

– Operations, distributions and awareness center costs