Press Coverage: Pad Distribution Drive 2023

Period poverty affects countless women globally, limiting access to menstrual hygiene due to financial constraints. ZamZam Foundation is committed to addressing this issue. Pad distribution drives go beyond providing sanitary pads; they raise awareness, break down stigmas, and empower communities.

In collaboration with Marie Wilkinson Food Pantry and Aurora Food Pantry, we distributed 5500+ sanitary pads, reinforcing our commitment to women’s well-being. We believe in the power of knowledge. Our awareness campaigns educate on menstrual wellness, ensuring information reaches all.

Our Pad Distribution Drive has garnered significant attention from the media, amplifying our cause and impact. Notably, The Voice (https://thevoice.us/distribution-helps-women-with-free-feminine-products/) featured our event, shedding light on our commitment to combat period poverty and empower women. We’re grateful for the media’s support in spreading awareness about our mission.

For more information, visit our website: https://zamzam180.org/

Contact us at: info@zamzam180.org